A beautiful, original safe

In a corner of the street-front retail space of our building sits a safe with the name of the original store owners, Milkint Bros., painted across the top. We don't know how old the safe is, but we know that the two Milkint brothers ran a general store in this space from 1905 onward. One of our contractors spent a whole weekend cracking the combination lock. There was no treasure inside, but now we have a working safe.


Rent this space!

We've started to rent out the street-front retail space of our building for events. So far, the space has hosted a 50th birthday party, a magic performance for 30 kids, and a sit-down dinner for 16 people. Planning a party? A rehearsal dinner? A wine tasting? Rent our space! Photo courtesy of @bigplanetsmallworld

IMG_5809 copy.jpg

Beauty in decay

When we started renovating our building the roof had caved in on one side of the building. We were able to save and restore about 40 percent of the original lath and plaster walls (on the side where the roof hadn't collapsed), but many walls were too damaged by water and mold to be saved. It's a shame, because they were beautiful, even in in their disintegrating state. Here, fragments of paint and crumbling wallpaper hint at what was once there.