Restoring the old tubs and sinks

When the was Milkint Building was built in 1905 the bathrooms all had hardwood floors. We wanted to keep the original look, and were very happy when we found tile that closely resembled the original hardwood floors. Some of the original bathtubs were too damaged to salvage, but in this apartment we were able to restore both the original tub and the sink (seen in the third and fourth photo). Shower tile work by the fabulous @kylealbeaner, and vintage mirrors from Cabin Fever in Oakland, MD and Ella & Company in Thomas, WV (@ellaandcompanywv).


One apartment done, five to go

One apartment done, five to go. We have tenants moving into the next apartment on November 1, and Kevin is working hard to get everything done in time. This apartment is on the top floor on the side of the building where the roof had collapsed, and very little of the original details could be salvaged. Instead, Kevin found floors that matched the original pine floors and trim with the same profile as the original trim. This photo shows the living room (and the original trim) as it looked when we bought the building.

5-living room.jpg