172 Spruce Street was built by the Milkint brothers c.1905 as a general store for the fast-growing coal town of Thomas, WV.

We are restoring the building to its original look with modern features to provide retail spaces and apartments, without losing the history that makes Thomas, WV a unique artistic community.

We look forward to sharing our vision and our progress on these pages. 

Visit the Blog page where we'll post updated photos of the work so you can follow the progress.

Original Coal stove 


Milkent Bro's Safe

There are currently four apartments; two have undergone some renovation and the other two need significant restoration. 

By June 1st, we will have four two-bedroom and two one-bedroom apartments completed. 

Please click here for more information on renting.


The street-level has two retail units.

One side (Retail A) is 1,100 sq. ft. and the other (Retail B) about 800 sq. ft. It has all original wood walls, ceilings and floor. 

It was used by the Milkint brothers as a shop until the mid-1960's and has been empty since then.

We are looking for a tenant to lease Retail A. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact us.


Retail B is the smaller side (800 sq ft) and will be ready to rent by end of May. Please contact us for more information on commercial rental.


A three-story balloon-framed c. 1905 wooden building.

We will keep the original Dutch Lap wooden siding and remove the shingles from the front to show the beautiful wood underneath. 

Many of the front showcase windows still have hand-blown glass.